What is SO2 SPORT?


SO2 Sport is an international company that has for more than 10 years led the cellular nutrition market.   The synergy in each one of its top-notch products along an appealing worldwide distribution plan, has greatly contributed to the wellness and income of thousands of people all along these years.   

As a company we’re always striving to upgrade our customers and distributors’ quality of life by delivering constant innovations, whether they’re in products or bonuses that may help them transform every aspect of their life.     

We’re always looking for ways to improve by providing all our distributors with the tools they need in order to become leaders of their own business and reach the life style they deserve and they dream of.   




All SO2 Sport’s nutrition line, is the result of more than a decade of research and development carried out by a group of experts in the cellular nutrition field.

As a result of their research, they came up with a hard to replicate and difficult to find product in other nutritional supplements’ lines: liquid oxygen.     

The liquid oxygen, available in three presentations, may help generate pure oxygen at a cellular level, reason why it is known worldwide as liquid oxygen. 

By being formulated with nano particles, this allows the organism to improve the assimilation and effectivity of its formula, without becoming altered once it interacts with digestive enzymes.

Its exclusive formula, composed of a broad spectrum of essential micronutrients, may help promote a unique oxygen bioavailability in every body system, organ and tissue. Liquid oxygen may help dissociate the water molecule, liberating atoms of nascent hydrogen and oxygen, both directly assimilated by each cell of the body. 

By being a colloidal liquid, just like lymphatic fluids, blood and plasma, the result is a synchrony between these fluids, which may help improve the receptivity of the cells.

Besides generating oxygen, its formula may help deliver a constant flow of nutrients to support the elimination of toxins and heavy metals stored in the body.  Also, it may help neutralize the negative effects of free radicals.

Since free radicals are positive charged oxygen atoms, they are attracted to the negative charge of the oxygen atom created by the liquid oxygen formula. This attraction between opposite charges, makes the atoms bind. Once this process is complete, a nascent oxygen molecule is generated at a cellular level.    

Liquid oxygen is a key component in order to fully enjoy the benefits of other nutritional supplements and food, since it may help facilitate nutrient assimilation once they are taken and digested by the body.